Friday, May 30, 2014

My slow transformation

These are pictures from 8th/9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade and  12th grade. big difference

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Beginnings 1

Whatever it was, it blew my mind open with the different scenarios that could be attached to the writting. They could be in love with each other but both of them are married. Their partners both believe that they are out of state on a business trip, in reality both are in a a beautiful hotel suit surrounded by the smell of plumeria. He is in love with her and she is in love with him. She had recently found out she's pregnant with his child. Neither of them can bare the pain of their other family through, they decide to take drugs and jump off the top of the hotel. Holdings hands, looking at the side walk, she counts to three, he felt her smooth hand slip out of his.

Thats the type of story I would assume would be the beginning of beginning 1.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Speedsack: Monte Nash

Here is Speedsac Cross Training's I.M.F.A.S.T.(In Motion Functional Athletic Strength Training) video clip.  The program focuses on Building Strength, Developing Muscle, and raising your anaerobic threshold by moving your body through space with resistance!  If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me on the below!

Thank you,
Monté L. Nash

Thursday, April 10, 2014

the cross roads between should and must

Should I keep working my seven to eight hour shifts to try and live off of minimum wage and play it safe? Should I just forget about what I've always wanted to design and crumble up all my ideas and toss it in a trash bin? These were the thoughts going through my mind as I was reading the article. Usually when I read an article that makes me ask myself a lot of questions and then I start to think down deep into what I really want to do, I enjoy it. The difference between SHOULD and MUST is mind blowing. Actually, while reading this post it reminded me of this time my friend Tim and I were riding our bikes in the rain during a Washington state winter and we had stopped at the cross walk. While waiting for the light to show the white person light I was thinking, Reversd. Reversd was this idea that My friends and I were going to make a clothing company that would evolve to this huge success and we would all move to Long Beach or Santa Cruz and live the life of rich people. Did that happen though? No. Do we still want to do it? Heck yeah! But I live in California and they live in Washington. We still text every blue moon to say Hi and Tim is planning on becoming a designer. This is my MUST. I want to have this  huge, well established company that I can be able to say "My friends and I started this from the ground, F yeah". I personally have my own obstacles to overcome and I'm trying to jump off the cliff. It's so damn hard to leave the comfort zone.

Monday, March 17, 2014


I dont believe that the expert I would've asked my ten questions is a entrepreneur according to our class definition. I believe that if a bunch of people have the same concept or idea as the person who originated the idea they would be classified as followers. Since health and fitness is my masterpiece the "followers" are either young experts or old fitness veterans. Personally I'm just another follower and if I want to be an expert in the field of health and fitness its not that hard. Experts are easy to get information from. Internet and youtube chanels, I wont have a certificate or a degree in kinesiology but I'll get you ripped if your dedicated.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Resource of the day(monday and tuesday)


10 questions

1. What made you embrace fitness/bodybuilding?
2. What was your motivation?
3. Did you set goals? If yes, what goals? If no, why not?
4. What's more important, diet or actual exercise?
5. What's a appropriate time to work out for?
6. Do you believe in over training? explain.
7. How many meals a day do you consume?
8. Are you satisfied yet? Explain
9. When will you stop lifting?
10. Is fitness a necessity in life? Explain.